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   제 목   The reason that we must not say verbally abusive.    상 태  
   작성자   isjjang7    등록일   2019-11-07
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The reason that we musn't do  verbal abuse.
There are two types of violence: physical violence and verbal abusive. Between them, verbal abusive can hurt someone's heart rather than physical violence. Verbal abuse is an awful violence. And, there are many reason not to use verbal abuse. First, verbal abuse gives physical damage to victim. Professor Martin research team in Havard University, said peple who is subjected to verbal abuse at childhood had a lower confidence. And also, their frontal lobe shrink than average people. Second, verbal abuse gives physical damage to victim. One scientist said that the verbal abuse makes victim's frontal lobe and hippocampus shrinks. As well as, if the verbal abuse continuous, it can cause heart disease and acute renal failure for about 25
percent among the victim.

That was informative, Jang In Seo! Please do continue to write more informative essays. I'll wait for your next composition! ^^ -T. Clariz.

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