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harry receive firebolt in christmas. ron says firebolt? no way is it really? is it firebolt? don't excited oilver harry says depressed no longer have it was confiscated chrismas:크리스마스:명사,receive:받다,confiscated압수(당하다):동사 excited:흥분,depressed우울하다:형용사


Harry receives firebolt in Christmas. Ron says, "firebolt?" "No way, is it really?" "Is it firebolt?" Don't be excited Oliver. Harry says, depressed no longer.  It was confiscated on Chrismas.
:크리스마스:명사,receive:받다,confiscated압수(당하다):동사 excited:흥분,depressed우울하다:형용사


Keep on writing, Danniel! I will wait for your next essay. - T. Clariz


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